Tent Sauna

Experience deep relaxation as you warm up to your core and become one with nature in the forest breeze.

Visitors enjoy sauna by “waxing,” in which water or aromatic water is poured over sauna stones heated by a wood-burning stove placed inside the sauna, and the hot steam steams the inside of the tent.

The main difference from public bathhouses in town is that you can cool down and relax your sweaty, burning body in the liberating atmosphere of the great outdoors after getting out of the sauna.

The tent saunas available at Glamping Villa Hands Kawaguchiko are made in Russia, and unlike their Finnish counterparts, they are hot. The MORZH tents installed in PAO have a three-layer structure that keeps the heat in and the room temperature above 100°C.

A tent sauna is literally a tent turned into a sauna. They originated in Finland and were originally developed so that the military could enjoy saunas while on expedition.”