Glamping is more than just a word,
it’s an experience!

In Kawaguchiko, where the virgin forests of the northern foothills of Fuji spread out, we have prepared three unique facilities: VILLA, PAO, and GUEST HOUSE.
Glamping Villa Hanz

A simple Glamp in the woods can open your mind.

Explore through of our activities that will help you discover the importance of nature, curiosity, creativity, risk management skills, compassion and kindness.

Experience outdoors like you haven’t experienced before.

We will enrich your time with our activities, depending on the purpose and scene of your trip.

Luxury Camping

Enjoy Kawaguchiko nature's beauty in luxury with our Glamping Villas and Pao offering relaxation and amenities in the great outdoors.

Adventure Journey

Discover majestic Mt. Fuji views, relaxing hot spring , and exquisite local cuisine while nestled in the serene natural beauty of Kawaguchiko, Japan.

Nature Experience

Experience Japan's breathtaking nature in luxury with glamping accommodations boasting Mt. Fuji views and set amidst Kawaguchiko's forests and lakes.

Enough of your city life; it’s time for some Glamping


In Kawaguchiko, where the virgin forests of the northern foothills of Fuji spread out, we have prepared three unique facilities: VILLA, PAO, and GUEST HOUSE.


With magnificent view of Mt. Fuji, you can enjoy to the fullest with no time relaxing, even if you are inexperienced in the outdoors.


You can challenge some intermediate oudoor experience yourself, while feeling the nature around you in the forest.

Guest house

Experience the luxurious outdoors with your group in a private area surrounded by art and tradition.


All tour must be booked untill 16:00 the day before your visit.
Tours may vary depending on the season and weather condition.

Children are not allowed to participate without adults supervision.

Have a high quality adult trip by experiencing our selection of wonderful tours.

Low Mountain Hiking

The Diamond Fuji is visible during this Winter time. Observe this mystical beauty of nature with your own eyes from the top of Ryugatake.
Adults ¥8,800/person
Children ¥5,500/person
*Avilable between December 19th and January 15th

Canoe Tour

Paddle a canoe on the calm surface of the lake and enjoy the scenery and nature of Kawaguchiko that you cannot experience on land.
Adult ¥11,000~/person
Child ¥5,500~/person

Stargazing Tour

A guide will take you to a spectacular location where you can see the night sky of Kawaguchiko, where the stars are so beautiful that you can’t help but admire them.
*Avilable between October 1st and March 31st
*Depending on the weather and the moonlight, the tour might be cancelled

Fuji Cycling Tour

Japan's most sacred mountain "Mt. Fuji", was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2013. A local guide will guide you through the 25 assets of its.
¥5,940 yen / person

Aokigahara-Jukai Forest Tour

Follow the roadless path, and a spectacular view created by Mother Nature that has yet to be seen is awaiting you.
*Not available during the Winter season

Water Activities

Enjoy some refreshing water activities to the fullest at Yamanakako with Mt. Fuji on your back.
*Not available during the Winter season
Wakeboarding & SUP: ¥5,000~/person, Flyboarding & SUP: ¥5,000~/person

Glamping Villa Hanz


Convenient Place

Nestled in a tranquil forest oasis yet only a short walk from lively Kawaguchiko Town, Glamping Villa Hanz offers an idyllic glamping escape to bask in nature's beauty and absorb Japan's rich culture.

Professional Team Expert

Our dedicated team is readily available to cater to your every need, ensuring an unparalleled glamping experience.

24/7 Premium Support

Our helpful staff is available 24/7 to assist with any questions or requests, ensuring seamless service throughout your glamping getaway.

Common Questions

Most Popular Questions

Reservations can usually be made up to 3 months in advance via the Internet or phone. Phone calls are available between 10:00 – 17:00 JST(Japan Standard Time).

Please note that if you wish to cancell the reservation, cancellation fees will be charged as follows.

General booking (14 people or less)
No show: 100% / Same day: 80% / 3 days before: 70% / 7 days before: 50% / 15 days before: 20%
Group booking (15~49 people)
No show: 100% / Same day: 80% / 3 days before: 70% / 7 days before: 50% / 15 days before: 20%
Group booking (50 people or more)
No show: 100% / Same day: 100% / 3 days before: 80% / 7 days before: 60% / 15 days before: 30%

For guests with allergies or restrictions due to health or religious reason, please contact us at least 3 days in advance for any inquiry regarding food and other food-related matters.

Please send your luggage to the following address.
Do not mail food or perishable items.
When sending, please write the following on the shipping form.
Address: 3283-1, Katsuyama, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi, 401-0310, JAPAN
Glamping Villa Hanz Kawaguchiko Front Desk
TEL : +81-555-72-8282
Please include your full name, date of arrival, and contact phone number in the form.

Depending on the type of VILLA, the living room is approximately 20-33㎡ including the bedding area and a loft, plus a 11㎡ Jacuzzi area.
For the PAO, it is approximately 19㎡ .

You can make reservations online until 22:00 JST the day before your stay.
If you wish to book on the same day as your stay, please contact us by phone.
TEL : +81-555-72-8282

Please refrain from bringing your own food, including alchohol beverages and cooking utensils.
However, you may bring in baby foods for your infant child.

Since our concept is to enjoy the outdoors by ourselves, we do not have a restaurant.
There is a BAR in the HONKAN where you can have a drink at the counter.

As on-site activities, we offer wood chopping and tent sauna, and others.
We also offer a variety of paid off-site activities, so please contact us in advance for the details.

Available to all:
Heat-resistant gloves/Bath towels/Face towels/Hand soap/Hair dryer/Hot water pot/Coffee set/Refrigerator/Speaker/Glasswares/Tablewares

Wood stove/Outdoor wood stove/Firepit/Ventilator/Sleeping bags/Cot/Blanket/Bathrobes/Slippers/Ordering tablet/Sandals/Air conditioner

Outdoor wood stove/Firepit/Ventilator/Dehumidifier/Oil heater/Gas fan heater (winter only)/Lantern/Hanger rack/Fan (summer only)/USB charging dock

PAO shower building:
Toothbrush/Shampoo/Conditioner/Body soap/Cotton/ kin care set/Hair brush/Shaver/Slippers/Oil heater

Wood stove/Humidifier/Ordering tablet/Lantern/Cot/Bathrobes/Toothbrush/Shampoo/Conditioner/Body soap/Cotton/Skin care set/Hair brush/Shaver/Sandals/Slippers/Air conditioner/TV/Wine cellar/Toaster oven/IH stove/Towel warmer rack/Suit hanger (1F only)


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