Guest House


We’ve relocated and restored a 100+ years old traditional Japanese house that was preserved as a local museum in Niigata prefecture.

It is the only large villa you can stay in our facility, that let you fell the modern comfort in the nostalgic atmosphere.

Enjoy our facility to the fullest with the art, music, and our selection of wines.

Towels, bathrobes, hair dryers, toothbrush sets, razors, brushes, slippers, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body lotion, lotion, cleansers, milky lotion, and bath bombs are available.

The beautifully blazing fire that you’ve created yourself, will warm your chilled body.

We have prepared 5 spacious rooms with twin beds, where you can feel the warmth of the old traditional house.

Enjoy your gathering with your group, and the best food made by the local ingredients, around the Irori.

Enjoy your luxurious private time at a log cabin in the red pine forest.

Have a nice relaxation in the spacious shower room with a view of the red pine forest.

Spend an elegant and warmfull time to fill your heart with your loved ones regardless of the season.

Floor Plans

Guest House

Relocation and Revival Story

This historical local museum (Masumura Residence) in Joetsu Niigata, was built with both farmhouse and townhouse architecting technique from the Meiji era, that incorporated the “Chumon-Zukuri” style, a style you see with traditional houses in the snowy area.
Although it was a house from late-modern era, it was highly regarded and preserved in the central area of Itakura city as a place for education beeing the only building with thatched roof.
Now, as its new role, the building is teaching us the importance of taking good care of the stuff around you.



Our chefs will entertain you with the finest Irori cuisine using local ingredients.

*For this course, please make a reservation at least two weeks before your visit.


Enjoy seasonal BBQ on the terrace where you can fully enjoy the red pine forest.


Cook all the fresh ingredients and have it your way.

Seasonal Events

We are open for any corporate events such as, New Year’s parties, Year-End parties, Welcome parties, and others.
Get to know about your collegues through the outdoor activities and a fun BBQ dinner.


GUEST HOUSE guests can enjoy all experiences and tours.

For more information, please visit the VILLA & PAO page.

Wood Chopping

Once you pick up the axe, your inner primal instincts ignites.

Experience the satisfying moment of the wood splitting.



Try this outdoor sport in the forest. It looks easy but it’s actually quite difficult that even adults will get carried away trying to complete it through.

Available at any time you like.

Fire and Charcoal Making Experience

In an age when water boils at the touch of a button, why not go back to the beginning and experience the joy of lighting your own fire?

Orientation starts at 16:00

Outdoor Sauna "Taru"

Enjoy the steam from our home made essential oil in the sauna made with Japanese Cypress, and have an exceptional relaxation in the forest surrounded with fresh greens.¥12,000/group(15:00~17:00 / 19:00~21:00 / 6:00-8:00)