Challenge nature yourself


A more rustic style of glamping which is more close to actual camping.the in the wild, close to camping.
Experience the BBQ from starting the fire itself, using the camp gears selected by our specialists

In the red pine forest where squirrels are flying, some deers might come visit searching for food.

You can spend your time with the dramatic nature of the forest, while relishing the deep dark night.

Relax with a selfmade cup of coffee during an active day.

Spending time with your friends drinking together while watching the flickering flames created by you, is exceptional.

Purify your soul and body with high-quality vanadium natural water filtered by Mt. Fuji.

From the relaxing space with comfortable beds, you can see the green nature from the window.

After your enjoyment in the nature, refresh yourself in your own comfortable and sanitary space.

You can enjoy your freshly grilled foods under the warm tarp, even in the cold days.

Room Types


PAO for 2

A luxurious Pao where you can spend more significant time with your loved ones.
Enjoy your peaceful time while gazing at the starry sky seen through the red pines.


PAO for 3

Enjoy all through the night with your close friends, drinking the local drinks without worrying about the time. The trip will be very relaxing for your soul and body, having all the five-sences stimulated by the forest.

PAO for 4

This Pao let you have fun for the whole day to the fullest with your friends and family. Enjoy the outdoor activities in a space where you can get in touch with the raw nature.


A base filled with camp gears that our camping specialist picked. We will help you through an authentic outdoors experience even for those who are not use to it.


In a space surrounded by neck bendingly high red pines, this BAR let you enjoy the local drinks with your friends and family feeling the outdoor.


Seasonal BBQ

Enjoy the seasonal BBQ with local ingredients.

Breakfast Hot Sandwich

Put all the fresh ingredients and grill your own sandwich.


Wood Chopping

Once you pick up the axe, your inner primal instincts ignites. 

Experience the satisfying moment of the wood splitting.



Try this outdoor sport in the forest. It looks easy but it’s actually quite difficult that even adults will get carried away trying to complete it through.

Available at any time you like.

Fire Starting

In an age when water boils at the touch of a button, why not go back to the beginning and experience the joy of lighting your own fire? 

Orientation starts at 16:00

Sauna "Taru"

Enjoy the steam from our home made essential oil in the sauna made with Japanese Cypress, and have an exceptional relaxation in the forest surrounded with fresh greens. ¥12,000/group
(15:00~17:00 / 19:00~21:00 / 6:00-8:00)