Peace on your mind, Peace on your life.


Luxurious glamping with a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji.

Even first-timers can experience the outdoors with the support of professional.

Enjoy your luxurious time while gazing up at a star-filled sky that will make you not wanting to sleep.

Relax with a selfmade cup of coffee during an active day.

Spending time with your friends drinking together while watching the flickering flames created by you, is exceptional.

Purify your soul and body with high-quality vanadium natural water filtered by Mt. Fuji.

Spend an elegant and warmfull time to fill your heart with your loved ones regardless of the season.

Wrap yourself in a sleeping bag inside a comfortable room, and enjoy the feeling of camping outdoors.

Choose from various amenities available for you.

Room Types


S · C1,C2

In this Villa, since its terrace is hidden from the surroundings,
you can enjoy the private space and have a nice relaxed stay.


C3,C4,C5 · L

This Villa has a luxurious outdoor living space, where you can feel the magnificence of Mt. Fuji.
Through your extraordinary experience,
enjoy your time feeling the youth,
and get to know your inner child.


B · R

While each has its own independent space,
this Villa also has a terrace without any partitions making it feel like an old-fashioned Nagaya(Japanese row-house).
The time you spend while feeling the fresh air under Mt. Fuji,
will be a memorable one with your special firends and famillies.

Natural Private Onsen
"Tenkeichijun Fujino-motoyu"

We use the hot spring water that comes out of the ground in our site. Since it is too rich, we add water from the Fuji well, which is pumped from the ground of the site.


This strangely fascinating building houses a wide variety of outdoor gears. Our professionals will assist you to easily enjoy the outdoors. Outdoor professionals help even beginners to easily enjoy the outdoors.


Large public bath with open-air bathtub. Heal your mind and your fatigued body with the warmth of the trees.

Cafe & Bar

Head on to our Café Bar after your refreshing bath time. We offer homemade fruit liquor,and a selection of rums and local Yamanashi whiskies recommended by the outdoor enthusiasts.



Wood Chopping

Once you pick up the axe, your inner primal instincts ignites.

Experience the satisfying moment of the wood splitting.

Photoframe Crafting

Capture your memories in a unique handmade frame crafted from forest treasures.

*Available on first-come, first-served basis ¥1,100/person

Tent Sauna

After sweating it out in the sauna, a quick cold plunge in the Jacuzzi, followed by a deep relaxation on a chair at the open deck is the best.


*Please note that tent saunas are only available for B type Villas. *Number of tent saunas are limited, so please contact us and pre-book if you wish to use.

Ring Throwing

A fun ring toss for all ages, as you aim the swinging target with different size rings to get your prizes such as outdoor gear and fine wine.



Outdoor Barrel Sauna "Taru"

Enjoy the steam from our home made essential oil in the sauna made with Japanese Cypress, and have an exceptional relaxation in the forest surrounded with fresh greens. ¥12,000/group
(15:00~17:00 / 15:30~17:30 / 19:00~21:00 / 19:30~21:30 / 9:00-11:00 / 9:30~11:30)